Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Drago Lo makes a grand entrance (full article)

He says he is that Christian boy from the hood who grew up to be Drago Lo the entertainer, creator, thinker, a free spirit, lover and child of the arts. His real name is Xolani Kubheka and he was born and bred in Thokoza, Ekurhuleni.

Xolani said growing up in the kasi made him strong. “Thokoza and Kathorus made me.  Growing up there was real and the community raised me. We are the product of our experiences, our past and present shape us though we choose what they shape us into. I'm grateful to have grown up in Ekurhuleni. Bezikhipha ekasi.

The young rapper says he has always known that music was his thing. He started writing poetry and plays at age 14 and started writing music in 2010. He said: “When I started writing music I knew that it was my passion. Nothing else made more sense from that point.  While growing up, music and dance helped me cope. They were my outlets and refuge from the world and all its pains. These art forms also brought me a lot of joy. And I want to share that joy with the world.

Drago Lo’s new album will be released on 26 June. “Grand Entrance is a 14-track masterpiece. It is about my journey and growth as an artist, lyricist and a visionary. It’s me introducing myself to the game and the masses. It’s me saying: hey, I have something different, this is how I view the world; see it through my eyes. This is my story.”

It will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, EMusic, Nokia music, Rdio, Last FM, Rhapsody, Digital Virgo, Beats Music, Bozza 37616 store and 20 other digital music stores.

About the album, Xolani said: “It's an album made for the club but still has some stories my joy, my life and pain that speak to the heart. It's a sound that hasn't been done by South African hip hop. The project is a double-disc album titled Tomorrow's Yesterday. We'll be dropping both halves of the album digitally before we put out the double disc physical copies on the shelf. Grand Entrance is the first half of Tomorrow’s Yesterday.  The Second half titled Black And White Colour Film will drop later.

He added that he was pleased that the project came out exactly the way he intended.

“I have a few gigs lined up for the month of June, around the country and in Gaborone, Botswana.  We have a possible national club tour in August or maybe in the fourth quarter. Follow me on all my social media accounts for gig info Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @IamDragoLo. To book me or any of my artists email: xl.kubheka@icloud.com or tumotsotetsi@icloud.com or call Tumo Tsotetsi: 072 707 9132. 

By Refilwe Thobega
@Refilwe Thobega

*This article was published on Sun Buzz on 23 June 2015.

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