Friday, October 19, 2012

The 'wilderness' mentality

This blog is purely inspired by friends (and strangers) who continue to “inbox” and send me e-mails saying that they love the blog and totally appreciate it. One friend recently said: “People are looking for hope and inspiration, and your last post (Your Turn is Coming) gave that very well.” Thanks friend.

I think celebrity news and gossip are not really enriching. Whether Chris Brown and Rihanna get back together, does not affect me. (It’s nice to read about it though.) But I’m not going to blog about it. On some TV Show Pabi Moloi when asked if she was in favour of them getting back together or not, she basically said she couldn’t care less : “For us, it is just a story we read about, but for them, it is real life,” she added. She continued to say that it is the toxic relationships that we find so hard to let go of. True! 

"... Love in a hopeless place ..." 

So the book that I just finished reading is called: Battlefield of The Mind by (the ever inspiring) Joyce Meyer. And I secretly hope that somehow something leads her to this web page. That would be awesome. She follows me on Twitter. I follow her too #Teamfollowback.  I remember a while ago I reviewed Hugo Africa’s book whose title I cannot recall. Somehow he saw the posting and found a way to find my contact details and one evening when I was out with my sister he called me. Out of the blue. I was super chuffed. He simply said “thank you” for the positive review and that he hoped that we could work together in the future.  I was like: are you serious? 

Unfortunately, some bimbo made some not-so-ayoba comments about Hugo on the blog, then Hugo kindly asked me to remove the post. Although I totally understood where he was coming from, my blog was a bit upset to lose a nice piece. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and whether positive or negative, that is what they “think” or “heard” about you, especially if you are a public figure. So I am of the #TeamLetthemsaywhatevertheysay, aslongas youknowthetruth. But I had to respect his wishes. 

But my reviews are not based on whether the author sees them or not. I am doing it purely based on my love of books, reading and the desire to share … 

Children of Israel ready to cross Jordan.
Battlefield of the Mind explains why the children of Israel took 40 years to get to the “promised land”. Apparently that could have been an 11 days’ journey – believe it or not. One would think they were dunderheads for taking so many years to get to a place that could have been reached within less than two weeks. But there was a divine purpose, I guess.  They had what Joyce calls a “wilderness” mentality. Most of us have that mentality. We are fearful, doubtful, mentally lazy, negative, hypocrites – always grumbling, fault finding, stubborn, unforgiving, and so forth. Joyce does a great job of unpacking all these mentalities and behaviours and explains what the roots of such issues are and how we can free ourselves from the “strongholds” that poison and imprison our minds, robbing us of blissful and prosperous lives.

I am not proud of that I really took a long time to compete the book. My excuse would be I have been too busy. Besides, it is a very fat book. My sister is currently reading: Do yourself a Favour: Forgive, by Joyce Meyer still. I will read and review it as soon as she is done. 

Battlefield was a gift from a friend. It wasn’t actually a gift; she lent it to me. We moved apart and she let me keep it. We were both admitted at the same hospital at the same time last year (and I don’t think she’d be cool with it if I posted some pics here). But I think she is amazing. Who has the “spirit” to give while they, themselves are experiencing pain? We were both going though one of our lowest points in our lives. She didn’t only meet me there. That was also where she found her soul mate and love of her life. Yes! In hospital. (Our lives are filled with such great stories, I tell you! Who would have thought?)

Soul mates 

Battlefield of the Mind was more than just a special gift. It is a silent therapist and a motivational speaker. It speaks volumes. Joyce says: “Worry, doubt, confusion, anger, and feelings of condemnation … all these are attacks on the mind. If you suffer from negative thoughts, take heart!”
You deal with thousands of thoughts you have every day and focus your mind the way God thinks. She shares the trials, tragedies and ultimate victories from her own marriage, family and ministry that led her to a wondrous, life-transforming truth. 

If you can, get your hands on it. Happy reading … 


Happy reading, bookworm. 

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