Monday, March 12, 2012

SOS: Asking for help is not a weakness.

Help! I am drowning. 
Asking for help is something that we all know and understand. Asking for help is admitting that we all co-exist to help, support, and even serve, each other. But how many people fail to ask for help while struggling because of fear of being judged? Or pride? Asking for help is not a weakness. It has everything to do with knowing that motho ke motho ka batho 
(I am ... because of others). 

I came across the below piece of information, relating to asking for help, on the site I was even more attracted to it because of the picture (above) accompanying it. I found it quite catchy and really relevant. You need a helping hand when you can't reach, when you can't see a way forward, when you don't know how you are going to do it. That's when you need help the most.  
Studies show that getting encouragement and support from others is a powerful weapon for changing difficult behaviors. Ask your friends to provide encouragement and offer to do the same for them. 
Sharing your struggles with others can be a powerful motivator for change. That’s why groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Weight Watchers are so popular and successful. 
These groups can also provide information and advice. In addition, if you feel ashamed of your behavior, you may find it therapeutic to share your troubles with other women who are going through similar experiences.

 Go on, ask for help. And don't forget the magic word: please. 

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