Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sin Sushi & Survival

A memoir by Erla-Mari Deidericks

If Sin, sushi and survival was a film, the age restriction would definitely be  18 years and above. I feel that even the book should have a little notice somewhere on the bottom -corner of the cover, just to warn sensitive readers: vulgar language, nudity, sex, more sex, violence and suicide by a gun – in no specific order.

If you can read past all that…  

This lady’s true-life story will either inspire, owe or make you feel better about your own life’s mess.
Erla-Mari Deidericks finally finds the guts to leave her husband after years of abuse.  She has to find a place for her son and herself to stay.

Dating again after years of marriage can’s be easy – she tries internet dating, which makes her end up with the most interesting and dodgy characters.

As if her life is not-so-kosher enough, her best friend, make that her only friend, dies. She shoots herself. I’m not sure if I should mention that she was lesbian.

A journalist by profession, Erla-Mari is not new to the written word, and it shows in her writing. She has it all right, the flow, pace and structure.  She brings her unique voice and style to the party. Her unique voice and style come through. She knows when to make you read faster and when to relax, -- vividly “seeing” all the details and graphics.

Most female readers will definitely relate and identify with the writer, who just likes most of us, is not perfect, but tries to make perfect sense of her own confusion by starting over.
She survived.

Bottom line? Life goes on. And all that matters is what you make of it.
This memoir will make for a great film, I reckon.  The pages turn as Erla-Mari she “cuts” from scene to scene – I don’t know if that’s a good thing for a novel though.

A definite must read.
 Adults only. 

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